count down

I have 20 days left to enjoy my life (and love) in Singaraja. My boarding house will “expire” on April 20th, and I don’t think I can extend it, because I’m out of money….

I wish I could get the “STNK” for my vixion soon, so that I could go to Denpasar right after April 20th and apply for a position in a cruise..

Oh, by the way, I’m going to sell my website,, it has a good traffic, thousands members, and… easy to maintenance. Actually, I will sell the script only (the exact copy of live version n also the latest database), but if you insist to buy the domain name ( too, that will be different.

Why do I wanna sell the site? Because  starting from next month, I will have no time to check the site n do the maintenance.. So, I will give it to someone who is interested in website, online business, or android.

so.. gimme the price!

Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

Sony Ericsson takes a right step by releasing the cheap Xperia X8 to public. This android powered device released with a cheap price in Indonesia, especially for Jakarta, Surabaya, and Denpasar region.

hei.. hei.. wait.. what is the point of this article? Nothing.. just messing with X8 keywords.. so lets play..

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Hands On, Sony Ericsson X8! Cool!

Finally, I got my own Shakira! Dark blue Sony Ericsson Xperia X8. It is very cool! Ah, I lost my words..

Last cloudy Saturday morning in Denpasar, I went to 3 different stores (Handphone Shop, BTC, Cellular world), but they all not opened their shop yet.. So I went to CircleK in Teuku Umar. Bought a bottle of mineral water and a banana bread, no chocolate bread, coz I felt something weird in my throat.

Oh, the rain started to fall. Then I decided to go to the BTC. Oh no, they still didn’t opened the store yet. So I cross the road, to the BCA. Guess what.. I realized that there was an opened store beside the BCA bank.

Erafone Denpasar, they opened already. I entered the shop, asked for Soner X8, and they said “Yes, we have one more stock, dark blue only. It is Rp. 1.999.000,-”

Hahahaha.. I gave them my big smile, and also my whole money in the wallet. And Shakira on my hand now..

It is still donut though, but will be upgraded to éclair next few week. Hope Sony Ericsson’s Team will work hard to build it.

Visiting Bali with less money? Why not?

Mesmerized of Bali’s views? Amazed to it’s culture? So you have to visit Bali whatever it takes.

No money? afraid of the big charge of accommodation? Expensive transportation?  or maybe you’ll afraid starving while in Bali?

Don’t worry… I’ll write an article on How To Visit Bali with a limited budget.. so, come back later.. I’ll prepare the article first Open-mouthed smile

So, don’t surprised if you won’t get luxurious and special treatment here, coz you don’t have the money, MONEY IS TALKING HERE, MAN!

Maybe you’ll be a backpacker, or a level above it..

Don’t worry, I will list some of cheap services and cheap restaurant for you.. I live in Bali, so I know how to survive with a limited budget here in Denpasar or Singaraja. I live my life with a limited budget too, I don’t even have my own house, no car either, only a motorbike. So you’ll need to learn how to drive a motor bike (manual or auto gearbox) first (the cheapest transportation in Bali).

Hunting Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

It was a hot shiny day when I went around Denpasar, entering many hand phone stores, BTC, Handphone shop, rajawali, sony ericsson center, and several stores which I don’t remember their names.

I was looking for Sony Ericsson X8 (i.e. xperia x8, xperia exit). It is a new model by Sony Ericsson with Android OS. With sleek design, 3” touchscreen, upgradeable to éclair, and custom UI from sony ericsson (timescape), this X8 (i.e. codename Shakira) being a rare phone in the market.

My friends on Kaskus whose from Denpasar, Tangerang, Surabaya, Jakarta, Bandung, Samarinda, Malang, and others region also seeking this phone. But none of them got the phone.

But even when I asked to several local online stores, they said that they don’t have the stock yet. They offered me to indent the phone. So pitty

But one of my friend just bought it at the 2nd floor of Marina Mall in Surabaya. waw.. He’s so lucky. So I contacted my friend, my friend’s girlfriend, Sherly who lives in Surabaya to help me buy the phone.. But.. well.. I decided to abort the operation..


Because it will cost me a lot more money, the phone would cost more than 2 million rupiahs (official price: Rp.1.999.000). And that exclude the shipping, around 50 thousand rupiahs.. and tips for my friend… waw.. So, to save my money I decided to wait for the X8 to be sell in Denpasar. Hoping it’ll come with Éclair.