Mobile Apps with jQuery Mobile

After making some improvement on, I started working on the mobile version of I use jQuery Mobile Framework Alpha 3 (1.0a3), and the result, out of my expectation, it is awesome!

jQuery Mobile framework, relatively, is a new mobile framework, it was released on October 2010. But it supports a wide variety of browsers including iOS devices, Android devices, Blackberry OS 6, and webOS (for a support matrix, see

Lot of improvements made on andiim3 mobile, and thanks to jQuery Mobile Framework, I don’t need to redesign the UI because we all love simplicity, don’t we?

Here’s the changelog on 4 March 2011:

  • Improved searching algorithm
  • changed and improved paging system (no more exceeding search result)
  • better UI (base design of jQuery Mobile)
  • simple and easy to understand design
  • touch screen optimized

I think that’s all for this time, I will need your suggestion for the development.

See the live site here: (better seen on your mobile device)

Facebook Authentication and FAQ for Android Repo Browser

since December 10 2010, I set the script to request basic user information from Facebook.

so user don’t need to fill a boring registration form to browse and download in

why do we need registration?
as another websites said, we need data to improve our services. we need data to inspect, to smiling at, to proud of.  we track the site stats every day to present best user experience. users can track their activities in this site via “my profile” menu in main site (

is user data secured?
of course. we keep basic user data only. we don’t need user’s email as another sites do, because we won’t send you any email that will fill up your spam folder. If you no longer use this web app, you can disconnect it via Facebook.

are the apk packages listed in legal?
we don’t know about the legality of the packages listed here as we don’t inspect the packages lists. we inspect the repo list only. and we don’t manage the repos. so any content listed here are belong to it’s repo owner responsibility. we provide repo fetching only (as APKtor and Aptoide does.)

Fetching Android Repo With PHP

Now we will learn how to fetch values from android repository with PHP, and display it on your page. (See for example).

Usually, android user will use aptoide, APKtor, etc. to browse outside repo beside Google’s Android Market. But, there a lot of user prefer to download the apps from PC browser instead of their mobile.

We need to know that every android repo provide us a XML file to read. Named info.xml, it contains all the information needed by the client. So, we will fetch the info.xml.

I will explain the steps inline with the code. Remember, this is the basic script I use in alpha version of my website ( now use more advanced way to fetch the repos, but the basic method still included.

That’s it.. You may use this script in your own website. But I warn you, this method can waste your web hosting bandwidth if you don’t have an unlimited hosting plan.

As usually, I will give you the algorithm of my advanced script used in

  1. To save the bandwidth, we fetch the info.xml once a day, we use cron in cpanel
  2. In fetching process: first, we truncate the database before inserting new data to prevent duplicate rows. Then we insert all the new apk data back to the database.
  3. We don’t output the apk data in the cron job, it is unnecessary. We use another script to display the database to the audience. I think it’s quite easy to fetch the rows from database and display it on your pages. Smile Code it yourself!

The advantages of using database is to save your bandwidth, saves times (no need to fetch all the repos first for one only request), we can do easy APK searching, we can short it, we can track the statistic, etc.