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Based on the GlassTime Bootstrap template, here I present glassmorphism WordPress Theme free to download. This is the very first release of this theme, hence the features are very basic. It has a very responsive design, custom widget area, and custom background if you don’t like the default Light & Dark theme. HTML5 Bootstrap 5 […]

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This HTML5 template is using Glassmorphism UI design language which is now trending for 2021 replacing Neumorphism of 2020. It uses Bootstrap, jQuery, and GSAP for fully animated page. I Build this template from scratch hoping it will suite my needs for future projects. Inspired by my wife’s clothing store, I took some of the […]

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Kecamatan Kode POS Banjar 81152 Buleleng 81119 Busungbiu 81154 Gerokgak 81155 Kubutambahan 81172 Sawan 81171 Seririt 81153 Sukasada 81161 Tejakula 81173 Klik pada nama kecamatan untuk melihat daftar desa masing-masing. Sumber:

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Ada yang bilang “semuanya akan mati matic pada akhirnya”. Bener aja, sekarang tuntutan transportasi sehari-hari ga bisa mengandalkan sport bike yang bahkan ga bisa dipake beli nasi bungkus di warung depan. Sempet kita coba pulang kampung naik ni motor untuk yang pertama kalinya, dan waktu itu kita pulang pergi Jimbaran-Negara, tulang punggung kerasa patah, tangan […]

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We felt so bored at home, so we went for a short trip to Kintamani for a cup of Cappuccino (at Montana del Cafe) and a bunch of pictures taken here and there. View this post on Instagram #postweddingshoot kesekian kalinya w/@sriearini . . . . #bali #vacation #travelphotography #tourism #prewedding #andiim3 . A […]

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Starting in June 2020, our website is repurposed into a different kind of website. This is due to the trend changes over the couple few years. Long gone the days where people download APK’s for android from the black market, that’s why the stats showing a decline in visitor for So we moved […]

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