New Things

There are several changes in my daily life starting this week, it’s kinda big change, so I think I should adapt to it.

The first thing is “connection” matter. Since Italian operator (Vodafone IT, TIM, and WIND) isn’t XL axiata’s partner, so in this 6 months, whenever I’m in Italy, I can’t use my XL card 🙁

That’s why I bought a local operator SIM card from WIND for €25. The lady who sold it to me said that I should activate the card after 5PM in order to ensure that the card is successfuly registered, but the thing was, my ship left Italy at 3PM. So untill now, I can’t tell whether the card is functioning or not.

But luckily every time we are at sea, I mean international sea, I can use my XL card.

The second thing is, starting next cruise, voyage 76, the new Dinning Room Manager will be officially in charge. I don’t know what his full name is, so I’ll keep it as secret until I find it out. He will replace our beloved DRM, Mr. Neil Lacerda.

The third thing is about my Xperia Arc S. I updated the OS to android ICS. It’s more awesome. And it’s become more awesome after I bought folding portable keyboard. So now I feel like blogging from my own PC with xperia connected to keyboard and LCD TV via HDMI port in my cabin. Actually I should buy multimedia keyboard with built in touchpad instead of this rubber-based keyboard.

Oh, today we visited Catania, Italy. And tomorrow we will be at sea for the whole day heading to Navplion, Greece.

First Impression Last Forever

Today we arrived at Barcelona. I woke up early because i got to report at 6am for breakfast duty in the dining room. We held early breakfast because today is the disembark-embarkation day.

At 15 to 6, the messroom was already opened, but only cereals and milks available, nothing else there. So, corn flakes, chocolate milk, and a cup of coffee latte start my day.

In the dining room, I started my duty as usual, I arranged the chairs before the dining room opened, and then escort the guests to their table.

And here’s why I choose the title “first impression last forever”, when I escorted two old ladies, they waved at me and said hi to me as if i was their close friend. We chatted briefly but so intense, moreover, they knew my name and address my name continuously in every chances. But the thing was, I din’t even remember who they are, i didn’t remember if we ever met before because I met thousands of guest every day, and thousands of new guests almost every weeks. So I can assume theirs first impression to me is so good that they remembered my name even we rarely meet each other 😀

When we arrived at table 194, they asked me if they can take my picture, so I said yes. They took my picture twice, once for each lady, because they brought two cameras.

Then they said to me that they’re sad to leave us today.

Hemm.. Today is the day when we got a lot of chances to make a excellent first impression to the guests in the dining room. Because a lot of new passengers will join the cruise today.

Sorekara, ganbatte!!!

I Need Some Respect!

Today is a very tiring day. I got no breakfast and lunch schedule in the dining room, but in the marshalling area instead, for heavy loading. We load frozen foods onto the ship for next couple of days stock.

After freezing and exhausting job, I definitely need a good rest before rumbling with thousand of guests in formal night in the main dining room.

Unfortunately some of my colleagues came in to my room when I was sleeping, they made a noise.

They came in because my other friend in the other cabin complained to them for the same reason, making noise and smoking in the cabin. And they had a mouth fight out there.

I was thinking if they come in again to my cabin and become annoying, I will complain too. And yes, they cqme in, make some noise, but I remained silent on my bed. My roommate warned them not to be noisy, but they just take it for granted.

So there was me, laying on my bed with a bunch of emotions. I can’t get into a fight that can lead me to dismissal, so without saying anithing, I hit the metal wall of my cabin, fortunately they understood what i meant, so they went away. If they didn’t understand, they might feel sorry for the dismissal, including me.

But still, after they went away, I can’t take a nap again, I just can’t sleep after the adrenalin rush into my head. So I spent my time writing this post..

Ups, it’s time to prepare for dinner duty..

Riding Bike in Cadiz

Beautiful Sunday with free lunch in Cadiz, Spain 😀

I spent the day riding the bicycle I borrowed from Human Resource Office around this city. I was looking for a computer store to buy a mouse for my Xperia Arc S. But almost all of the store are closed in Sunday, even Carrefour.

So I explored the city and the beach. I met so many guests outside, they recognized me 😛

What a wonderful day here. I hope tomorrow I get another free lunch. Oh, now the ship is heading to Malaga, and if I heard correctly, the captain said that we will transit in Gibraltar at 1-2 AM.

Now You Have a lot of Mother

Yesterday I worked at two different restaurant, Manhattan Dinning Room (breakfast) and The Lido Restaurant (lunch). And in the evening, something unusual happened, I was transfered to Lido while working in the dining room. The manager said Lido need our assistance, more over only few guest came to dinning room yesterday.

So I took that great opportunity. Because that was the only chance to have a direct communication with the guests. To improve my English, to increase our rating, to increase guest satisfaction.

When I was clearing up my section, one old lady asked me many things. Her name is Miss B. Every time i came to her table, she always asks me different question.

She asked me how long i’ve been working here, asked me whether I’m married or not, asked when I can go ashore. And she gave me many advises like a mother to her son. And yes, she said so, “I’m telling you this like your mother, and now you have a lot of new mother on this ship” so as my commitment to do the extra miles, I should take care of them.

The advises that I can remember are stay safe, don’t be naughty, and keep that good smile.. Uuuuhh.. I’m flattered when she said she liked my smile. ^,^

Oh, today the ship is in Spain, Cadis is the name of the city if i’m not mistaken.