ADV hitam

Ninja diganti ADV

Ada yang bilang “semuanya akan mati matic pada akhirnya”. Bener aja, sekarang tuntutan transportasi sehari-hari ga bisa mengandalkan sport bike yang bahkan ga bisa dipake beli nasi bungkus di warung depan.

Sempet kita coba pulang kampung naik ni motor untuk yang pertama kalinya, dan waktu itu kita pulang pergi Jimbaran-Negara, tulang punggung kerasa patah, tangan kesemutan. Ternyata jauh lebih nikmat kalo pulang kampung itu bawa mobil, ada AC, ada musik, ada kursi yang empuk. Kalo lagi pengen ngemil pun ada yang nyuapin.

Jadi bulan september kemarin, dengan berat hati si Tinja mesti diganti dengan matic. Kebetulan ada yg nawar tukar tambah dengan ADV yg juga belum setahun dipake, sama-sama baru 5000an KM. Ya jadilah si ADV ini yang sekarang nganter ngirim barang tiap hari.

ADV hitam

Hari ke-2 motor ini dirumah, langsung kita test drive ke Kintamani. Disana kita beli kopi doank, abis itu singgah ke rumah temen yang kebetulan dekat situ, dan langsung pulang. Ga bikin pegel ternyata. Apalagi kali ini bisa gantian bawa sama bini. Konsumsi bahan bakar juga hemat, tembus 40km/liter. Lumayan di masa covid kaya gini.

Back To Work

It’s been a while since the last time I updated this blog. I’ve been so busy with my job here. 3 Months vacation passed just like that.. poof…
return to work
I just came back from the Hot Caribbean air in Florida to freezing Alaskan breeze in Seattle. I’ve been here for a while now, last year (2013) I stayed here for 6 months, and another 1 month in Florida. Nothing changed here, just like usual, the only thing I used to do is enjoying sunset at 9 PM local time.. hey, it won’t be happened back home where everything is so dark at 7 PM except in full moon.

When I came back here last March, I noticed my old boss still recognized me, hell no.. , he knows me so well that I’m good at what I’m doing, so since the very first day I stepped foot in my old uniform, I’ve been given my old jobs back, which are … hmm… lets take it slow, we’ll get to that later.

For those who don’t know me, I was born proud as the oldest brother of q college girl and a young boy who is still facing the final test to continue to high school. So to keep everything in the pace of life, I should take two jobs, day and night, to support them, also helping my parents back home, even not that much. Lucky I’m not married yet.. haha 😀

During the daylight, i usually work from 5 to 10 in the morning in the back of a restaurant, preparing so many toast to be delivered in a timely manner by the delivery guys. Sometimes I help them to deliver when it’s getting really busy. I also handle the administration in the office, like the scheduling, mailing, and the other thing that needs to be done in the office computer.

And during the night, from 4 to 11 PM, I took an operator job, yes as a phone operator in one office here, along with some other Front Desk girls, so I speak to soooooo many customers. I pick up around 100 calls a day during a not-so-busy day, but when it come to my unlucky day, I’ll get almost 150 calls, and my mouth is bubbling.. It’s fun thou, get to talk with so many customers in variety of accents, with different kind of people, it has its own challenge, it requires a big patient, calm, and kind heart to accept any harsh complain and difficult request from them.

I find that this operator job isn’t that difficult to do, coz I just sit there, facing a wall-mounted monitor with phone handle in your front and sometimes hands free-headset lingering around your ear.

for that 7 hours of talking in cold temperature that dropped to 16-18 degree of Celsius, much colder than my small room that’s already so cold, you cannot go anywhere else other than the bathroom.

And those are my routines for the next 6 months, at least. And I’ll move to Florida again for the summer for a couple of months doing probably another things or maybe the same things, and then… I’ll get another vacation at home.