count down

I have 20 days left to enjoy my life (and love) in Singaraja. My boarding house will “expire” on April 20th, and I don’t think I can extend it, because I’m out of money….

I wish I could get the “STNK” for my vixion soon, so that I could go to Denpasar right after April 20th and apply for a position in a cruise..

Oh, by the way, I’m going to sell my website,, it has a good traffic, thousands members, and… easy to maintenance. Actually, I will sell the script only (the exact copy of live version n also the latest database), but if you insist to buy the domain name ( too, that will be different.

Why do I wanna sell the site? Because  starting from next month, I will have no time to check the site n do the maintenance.. So, I will give it to someone who is interested in website, online business, or android.

so.. gimme the price!

My New Bike

My Vixion at Yamaha RoadShow
My Vixion at Singaraja Town Square when Yamaha RoadShow

Oh.. finally the thunder has gone.. hahahaha…

I mean my Suzuki Thunder 125 has been sold today, and I replaced it with new Yamaha V-ixion. Wow.. it’s my dream bike since I was in XII grade in highschool.

But, I’m not that happy today, I didn’t meet my boo… I will miss her.. coz I’ll back to Singaraja at least tomorrow, or next two days…

vixion baru
The first day Sabbath arrived at my home

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