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Long gone the days where people download APK’s for android from the black market, that’s why the stats showing a decline in visitor for So we moved it to a new place at

Now the homepage is dedicated for Room Finder Indonesia, a hotel/villa finder for a traveller or backpacker in the budget. It has thousands of room across Indonesia, especially in Bali.

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Nusa Dua Earthquake, The Funny, Pity, and Angry Side

Pagi ini gempa bumi berkekuatan 6,8 SR mengguncang Pulau Bali. Pusatnya di sebelah barat daya Nusa Dua dengan kedalaman 10 KM. Gempa susulan pun sempat terjadi dan membuat panik warga. – andiim3 news

I went home this morning to visit my parents, but I only met my mom at the store (Bondalem Market, North Bali) because my Dad was still working at his office (Education Department of Tejakula Sub-district, North Bali).

I was having a conversation with my mom when the earth quake happened. Fortunately every body were remain calm while evacuating their self outside the building.

The funny thing was when we heard the guys on the local radio (Megeguritan Program on RRI Singaraja) were freaking out and we heard them saying “ada gempa..!” (en: “there is earth quake!”) and they left the station running some Tetabuhan (traditional music, a.k.a Gamelan) on air. Few minutes later, there was a lady on the radio asking for apology and announcing that the program will be ended shortly, and as the substitute they played more Tetabuhan until the next program hour. Dude… they freaked out..

So pity, there were some building broke because of the quake near the epicenter. And from the news I heard, there are some people got hurt because of it. Luckily the BMKG didn’t give us the Tsunami Warning.

But beside the funny and the pity side of the story, there are some people got angry after it happened, including me. 0_o But why?

You know, Indonesia as a large nation, has a lot of cultures and five different religion which are mostly teaching the same ideas, and it’s all the thing about goodness. But there are some “oknum” (a person in a certain capacity, with negative connotation) who spread negative opinion across the social network saying that the earthquake happened this morning in Bali is because Balinese do the “Maksiat” (violation of the God’s Law). Quoting the original source in Indonesian:  “Bali Gempa krn byk maksiat”. What the F..??? one source of the bad commentary: take a look at the comments on this page.

If it was happened because of the maksiat, how about the earthquake happened in Jogjakarta few years ago which destroyed a lot of houses and buildings and took many lives? How about the earthquake in Aceh which gave them a great Tsunami and took thousand lives and many more lost taken by the tide? How about many more natural disasters happened in Indonesia? How can you judge it? are you the Almighty God?

As we know, Aceh, Jogjakarta, and Bali are very religious territory. How could we say the disasters happened there were because of the bad things?

People who said so are the narrow-minded persons who connect the natural shifting of the earth to their unwell short-learned-religious which resulting the bad thought.

By the way, I love what Julia Perez said on this page:

I’m sorry for what I said, I’m just a Balinese who got mad if there’s anyone messing with my beloved island.
t(-.-t) fuck off, you damned guy!

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