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Farewell party for all of the crew going home 30april2012. On picture: mr. Neil (former DRM, with guitar ) singing with Toro (DRS)

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There are several changes in my daily life starting this week, it’s kinda big change, so I think I should adapt to it. The first thing is “connection” matter. Since Italian operator (Vodafone IT, TIM, and WIND) isn’t XL axiata’s partner, so in this 6 months, whenever I’m in Italy, I can’t use my XL […]

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Today we arrived at Barcelona. I woke up early because i got to report at 6am for breakfast duty in the dining room. We held early breakfast because today is the disembark-embarkation day. At 15 to 6, the messroom was already opened, but only cereals and milks available, nothing else there. So, corn flakes, chocolate […]

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Today is a very tiring day. I got no breakfast and lunch schedule in the dining room, but in the marshalling area instead, for heavy loading. We load frozen foods onto the ship for next couple of days stock. After freezing and exhausting job, I definitely need a good rest before rumbling with thousand of […]

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Beautiful Sunday with free lunch in Cadiz, Spain 😀 I spent the day riding the bicycle I borrowed from Human Resource Office around this city. I was looking for a computer store to buy a mouse for my Xperia Arc S. But almost all of the store are closed in Sunday, even Carrefour. So I […]

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Yesterday I worked at two different restaurant, Manhattan Dinning Room (breakfast) and The Lido Restaurant (lunch). And in the evening, something unusual happened, I was transfered to Lido while working in the dining room. The manager said Lido need our assistance, more over only few guest came to dinning room yesterday. So I took that […]

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