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Team work is esential for almost all of companies around the world. In hotelier industry, everyone must work as team, even one department must work with another department to build a strong hotel or restaurant. Worst Team: group of people with different objectives, different perspectives, different ideas, different working spirit, different culture/brotherhood. I made the […]

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It’s the 3rd week for me working here, every single day is hard work. From 11 hours of scheduled hours, my working hours can be more than that, or less if I’m in luck. Day by day, my seniors gave me tips to work here, even the guest too. Most of them said “don’t work […]

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It’s been 2 weeks since I started to work onboard Ms. Nieuw Amsterdam. A big elegant vessel of Holland America Line. The first week, I only feel excitement and tired all day. And always got some confussions too. Even I lost for several times here 🙁 . In the second week, I started to understand […]

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