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Today we arrived at Barcelona. I woke up early because i got to report at 6am for breakfast duty in the dining room. We held early breakfast because today is the disembark-embarkation day.

At 15 to 6, the messroom was already opened, but only cereals and milks available, nothing else there. So, corn flakes, chocolate milk, and a cup of coffee latte start my day.

In the dining room, I started my duty as usual, I arranged the chairs before the dining room opened, and then escort the guests to their table.

And here’s why I choose the title “first impression last forever”, when I escorted two old ladies, they waved at me and said hi to me as if i was their close friend. We chatted briefly but so intense, moreover, they knew my name and address my name continuously in every chances. But the thing was, I din’t even remember who they are, i didn’t remember if we ever met before because I met thousands of guest every day, and thousands of new guests almost every weeks. So I can assume theirs first impression to me is so good that they remembered my name even we rarely meet each other 😀

When we arrived at table 194, they asked me if they can take my picture, so I said yes. They took my picture twice, once for each lady, because they brought two cameras.

Then they said to me that they’re sad to leave us today.

Hemm.. Today is the day when we got a lot of chances to make a excellent first impression to the guests in the dining room. Because a lot of new passengers will join the cruise today.

Sorekara, ganbatte!!!

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