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Sony Ericsson takes a right step by releasing the cheap Xperia X8 to public. This android powered device released with a cheap price in Indonesia, especially for Jakarta, Surabaya, and Denpasar region. hei.. hei.. wait.. what is the point of this article? Nothing.. just messing with X8 keywords.. so lets play.. sony , ericsson, x8, […]

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It was a hot shiny day when I went around Denpasar, entering many hand phone stores, BTC, Handphone shop, rajawali, sony ericsson center, and several stores which I don’t remember their names. I was looking for Sony Ericsson X8 (i.e. xperia x8, xperia exit). It is a new model by Sony Ericsson with Android OS. […]

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Finally, I have passed the final exam for D1 Degree of BPC Cruising school.. what a hard-breathing difficult simple test… :-O Now the next stage of the challenge has comes, that is BST. I will join this Basic Safety Training at the hot famous Surabaya city. 10 days of training? What an exciting journey of […]

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