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In the year 2021, I’ve completed some paid projects. Some of them are more technical, while the others are just some custom javascript scripts. It is located here: Most of them are projects I got from Upwork and Fivver. I also put my own WordPress theme / HTML5 template there. I’m thinking about converting […]

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Sometimes you need to know what your external IP (internet protocol) address is. Whether just to know or a part of maintenance. Well, I need it sometimes to check whether I’m being blocked by any website or not. I made a list of how to check our external IP address, check it out! 1. Google […]

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Nowadays personal branding is getting more important. That’s why I will redesign my homepage ( I will make it more interactive, more fresh, and I will add more features so visitors can interact directly from the homepage. Let see the result in next few days.

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I’m currently working a new project from 2 weeks ago. It hasn’t finished yet because I don’t have much time to code lately. The name is BKOL, stand for “Bursa Kerja OnLine”, ordered by a friend of my last client. They told her (their friend) that I helped them to work on their project, so […]

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Today I created a sitemap for, I took my blog’s sitemap as the example. So if you open the sitemap, you’ll find it weird remembering my site is using custom script without any WordPress engine at all. The script written in PHP and store the data to sitemap.xml, well, actually I can just submit […]

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have you ever wondering how fetch a huge number of applications and games across the internet by using only one PHP script? Well, I will tell you the secret in next paragraph. But, first, please visit and download something there, or just browse the apps to know better. Loading Huge APK Database […]

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