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I’ve been noticed by my hosting disk space warning, the indicator bar was red. Why? Oh, the disk space was decreased automatically because the error_log is growing up every my scripts executed. So, I have to delete it every time it’s growing up. Why? Why error_log appear automatically in my hosting directories? it is because […]

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Just a quick update, 2 days ago my websites getting down for two days after moving in to a new server. The databases was lost. Fortunately the hosting backed up my data before. But it contain data from november 2010 only, so the data after 15 November cannot be restored. So wasn’t But don’t […]

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This tutorial will show you how to display your images (binary data) which has been saved in your mySQL database. It’s very very simple.. so.. simple…. (read also: Storing Images/Binary Files to mySQL in PHP) First of all we must connect to our database PHP Code: <?php $username = “”; $password = “”; $host = […]

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how to store images, audio, or another binary files into mySQL database with PHP script. cara menyimpan gambar ke mysql dengan PHP.

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Commenting your htaccess Files It is an excellent idea to consistenly and logically comment your htaccess files. Any line in an htaccess file that begins with the pound sign ( # ) tells the server to ignore it. Multiple lines require multiple pounds and use letters/numbers/dash/underscore only: # this is a comment # each line […]

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How to save the resource in our project code? Should we repeat writing the same code in every page/file? We can save a lot of our time and resource by putting the same code or lines into a function or procedure. In some programming language, such as Pascal, Batch, C, PHP, etc., we can make […]

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