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Starting in June 2020, our website is repurposed into a different kind of website. This is due to the trend changes over the couple few years. Long gone the days where people download APK’s for android from the black market, that’s why the stats showing a decline in visitor for So we moved […]

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I live in the moment.. wish me luck!

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Pagi ini gempa bumi berkekuatan 6,8 SR mengguncang Pulau Bali. Pusatnya di sebelah barat daya Nusa Dua dengan kedalaman 10 KM. Gempa susulan pun sempat terjadi dan membuat panik warga. – andiim3 news I went home this morning to visit my parents, but I only met my mom at the store (Bondalem Market, North Bali) […]

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It’s been 5 days since i use automated blog posting. It is a feature from CSU which saves every post as a draft and post the draft as a blog post. I’ve planned to develope the script to take the draft from twitter timeline. And also use xmlrpc to post the draft to remote blog. […]

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This API is still in beta version. Our API uses JSON data interface for transaction. Tips: You can view the page source for a simple yet complete working code. Open, then right click and choose “view page source” from your PC browser. API Usage Browsing And Searching APK API URL: Description: tipe = […]

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The picture taken just before Yamaha’s event started in June 11 2011

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