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Dobby and Luna have been part of our lives for the past years. They have their own memorable stories everyday. I’ve been meaning to preserve those stories somewhere. And here it is, will contain those little stories in one place. They will be posted mainly in three different formats: Picture, Video, and Stories (Just […]

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In the year 2021, I’ve completed some paid projects. Some of them are more technical, while the others are just some custom javascript scripts. It is located here: Most of them are projects I got from Upwork and Fivver. I also put my own WordPress theme / HTML5 template there. I’m thinking about converting […]

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horrayyyy….. I’ve received some money from GA (Google Adsense) two days ago.. It was delivered by WU (Western Union), and I’ve took it at Tejakula Post Office. Not pretty much, not like other pro publisher.. (Y) It is only $108.. and only 1.050.000 in IDR (indonesian rupiah).. I got no idea.. how to spend that […]

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Are you facebook-addicted like me?? If you do so, keep reading ;-)    If you don’t, just skip it, read another article!!! Nowadays, people uses FB more than FS (Friendster),  and more people develop their program to suite with FB. Just look at the apps out there, there so many apps that connect to FB. […]

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Jiahahaha… ada kompetisi review neeh… 😀 ngadain kompetisi bagi para blogger mania.. Kata mas Hamka (mas Rizky (H) ), kompetisi ini diadain buat berbagi -dan mungkin buat syukuran- karena akhir-akhir ini dia terus dapet gajian dari beberapa program internet marketing yang diikutinya.. Nah, balik lagi ke kompetisi,.. Btw, hadiahnya lumayan lho… yang menang bisa […]

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Bagi para blogger pemula (seperti saya), tentunya belajar SEO sangatlah wajib-ajib… Soalnya kita mesti mempublikasikan blog kita ke se-antero blogosphere ini.. Biar kagak rugi bikin blog, apalagi udah mahal-mahal beli domain, biar kagak percuma coi… SEO, atau yang dalam bahasa kampung gue kepanjangannya Search Engine Optimization, akan membuat situs kita cepat berada di dalam index […]

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