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Denger lagu ini beberapa hari lalu di radio pas lagi nyetir lewat daerah Sangeh yg bersawah gitu, adem bener.. Satu lagu dari The Rain – Gagal Bersembunyi. Sebuah kisah terbaru dari The Rain. Tentang seseorang yang berusaha untuk move on, namun hati memang tak bisa dibohongi.

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Should you yell at your guy for looking? According to science … he can’t help it. Women (and men), listen up! This is a true story: As Louann Brizendine, M.D., author of The Male Brain explains it, just as cavemen sought out multiple mating partners so they could produce as many offspring as possible, the […]

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I created a new WordPress theme inspired by the Facebook Timeline. Maybe not as perfect as we thought, but good enough for me. Download here : Version 1.3 Version Description: The design has been fixed to match the Facebook Timeline, it has two sidebars. Changelog : Added : automated content loader at the bottom of […]

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I found these pictures few months ago in one famous Indonesian forum. The pictures are screenshot of Hollywood films which are edited to show the dialog performed by the actor & the actress. Check it out!  

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I’ve been working out since the first month in college, that was July 2009. My dearest best friend, Darsana, encourage me to join him working out at Master Gym (Teuku Umar Barat – Denpasar). Well, after three month working out, my body shape began to show up. Big time! Not satisfied with the result, I […]

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I don’t know whether I’m being suggested or not, but I feel it true.. I don’t know whether I’m being ironic or not, but it such a clue.. The only thing I know is that I don’t know what to do..

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