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it’s been few days after the disaster came to our family, I believe the mourning period should be ended. because it’s just not productive, we should do something better, better than just lying down in the room whining about the fate that happened to us. so, let’s get up, storm the front!!!

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Pagi ini gempa bumi berkekuatan 6,8 SR mengguncang Pulau Bali. Pusatnya di sebelah barat daya Nusa Dua dengan kedalaman 10 KM. Gempa susulan pun sempat terjadi dan membuat panik warga. – andiim3 news I went home this morning to visit my parents, but I only met my mom at the store (Bondalem Market, North Bali) […]

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I saw the tears were dropping those pure water were falling seems that your eyes were leaking I knew deep inside you were crying I didn’t see you were hurting I didn’t see you were bleeding but those tears keep falling it makes me keep wondering I’m not lying and I’m not good in arguing […]

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If you’re a programmer, then you know what does it mean if your life variable is in NULL condition. like having something in thought, but you cant guessed it.. till you are very confused on how to code it.. and dying to know what it is.. is it in PHP, JS, HTML, or.. Love??? even […]

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The three things that always in my mind right now is money, Google PR, and also my own life. Huhh.. what a freak thing to thinking about… 1. Google Pagerank UPdated Yesterday, I’ve checked my site pagerank, and you what?? I got my pagerank raised.. horray… Now, my site’s PR is 3. Even my site […]

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Dimulai dari hari Sabtu kemarin.. Semua berubah… Banyak yang berubah.. Tapi akan gw coba tulis satu-persatu… 1. Hari Sabtu Untuk Perpisahan Kelas XII angkatan 2008/2009 sudah selesai menghadapi UAN dan UAS. Akhirnya ini waktunya kami untuk berpisah dengan semua warga SMA Negeri 1 Singaraja yang tercinta. Hari Sabtu tanggal 16 Mei 2009 dipilih untuk melepas […]

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