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The three things that always in my mind right now is money, Google PR, and also my own life.

Huhh.. what a freak thing to thinking about…

1. Google Pagerank UPdated

Yesterday, I’ve checked my site pagerank, and you what?? I got my pagerank raised.. horray…

Now, my site’s PR is 3. Even my site is 45 days old (this day, May 30, 2009). That makes me proud..

2. Google Adsense Payment Issued

No special email from Google today, so i don’t know why I’m so feeling excited now on.

After I got my PR raised, I check my GA (Google Adsense) account. Damn, I’ve got only $1 this week. :-S

But, when I check the payment history page, it tell me that a payment was issued from Google to me.

Horray…. :-D  GA sent $108 to me… (actually to my mother, I’ve registered my mother at GA, not me).

I’ll receive the payment trough WU (Western Union) tomorrow.

3. I Got No Money till next month

This week is the last days of this month.. you know what does it mean..

My parents don’t have much money for me.. Oh no…

Today, I don’t eat normal nutrition like others.. Just a bread for breakfast, and another bread for lunch.. so poor me..

I have to wait until next month. Because my aunt and my uncle will send me some amount of money to my bank account.

I hope I can take my $108 from WU today..

4. My life, almost ruined

I’ve broke my relationship with my girl. Two days ago, we got stuck in a fight, we yelled each other. And like ussually, we fight for a simple reason that i forgotten today.

fight between me and her
fight between me and her

So, i decided to finish this relationship. I sent a SMS to her, told her that we don’t have to continue this relationship anymore..

Finally, we finished..

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8 thoughts on “Money, Google Pagerank, and life

  1. You got PR 3…. great job…
    For adsense: Pls be careful… don’t publish your state or how much you earn… Read adsense Program Policies

  2. wow, you got 3 in 45 days. that’s cool. i’ve been manage my blog for a month.. and still got 3. hahaha. i hope more than 3.. 4 or 5 (of course!).
    Broken ‘coz simple reason. i wonder what the problem is. hehehe. Keep smile! tommorow is better than today!

    Taruma’s last blog post..Braid : Game yang memanipulasi waktu

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