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If you’re a programmer, then you know what does it mean if your life variable is in NULL condition.

like having something in thought, but you cant guessed it..

till you are very confused on how to code it..

and dying to know what it is.. is it in PHP, JS, HTML, or.. Love???

even you can erase and reformat your own brain to find it out..

getting spirit out of your body like a laptop without it’s battery

and you still don’t know what to do after seeking in task manager

sometimes you may think negatively.. think about ctrl+alt+del

until you feel the stress,

lost the fun in searching inside the registry..

dropped in your own shit..

you don’t even feel the wind of the cooling pad anymore..

you lost all of your ideas and inspirations, and closing the workspace..

and lying down on the cold ground wishing you could know what to do..

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