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Dobby and Luna have been part of our lives for the past years. They have their own memorable stories everyday. I’ve been meaning to preserve those stories somewhere.

And here it is, will contain those little stories in one place. They will be posted mainly in three different formats: Picture, Video, and Stories (Just like IG stories, but will never disappear.

In the year 2021, I’ve completed some paid projects. Some of them are more technical, while the others are just some custom javascript scripts.

It is located here:

Most of them are projects I got from Upwork and Fivver. I also put my own WordPress theme / HTML5 template there.

I’m thinking about converting this site into a portfolio site later this year, I’ll add my previous projects there too.

Some finished projects that I completed around 2009-2012 are not published due to unofficial agreements made between my clients and me. But it has been 10 years, the scripts are also not being used anymore, because their projects are actually the last requirement for their graduation. All of them already got their degree 10 years ago.

I’d say it is okay to do that. What do you think?

Based on the GlassTime Bootstrap template, here I present glassmorphism WordPress Theme free to download.

This is the very first release of this theme, hence the features are very basic. It has a very responsive design, custom widget area, and custom background if you don’t like the default Light & Dark theme.

  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap 5
  • Fully Responsive
  • Glassmorphism UI theme
  • Animated
  • Light & Dark Mode switcher
  • Grid system for products (currently available on HTML version only)

I am planning to add some features and additional options for future versions. Such as the default Dark/Light theme. Custom background for Dark/Light theme. And so on.

Download your copy here: Glasstime WP Theme v1.
Demo : Glasstime Demo Site.

This HTML5 template is using Glassmorphism UI design language which is now trending for 2021 replacing Neumorphism of 2020. It uses Bootstrap, jQuery, and GSAP for fully animated page.

I Build this template from scratch hoping it will suite my needs for future projects. Inspired by my wife’s clothing store, I took some of the design and put it here as a feature.

List of features including, but not limited to:

  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap 5
  • Fully Responsive
  • Glassmorphism UI theme
  • Animated
  • Light & Dark Mode switcher
  • Grid system for products

This is an early release. Development is ongoing on documentation and additional features. I have plan to port this template into WordPress theme and use it for my blog. Maybe it will be ready just before Christmas.

Check the live demo here: GlassTime.
Download here: GlassTime v.1.0

This template is made with love to be used for free. So please consider leaving the small back-link on the footer intact. Or if you want to buy me a beer, you can do so by clicking this link.

KecamatanKode POS
Klik pada nama kecamatan untuk melihat daftar desa masing-masing.


Ada yang bilang “semuanya akan mati matic pada akhirnya”. Bener aja, sekarang tuntutan transportasi sehari-hari ga bisa mengandalkan sport bike yang bahkan ga bisa dipake beli nasi bungkus di warung depan.

Sempet kita coba pulang kampung naik ni motor untuk yang pertama kalinya, dan waktu itu kita pulang pergi Jimbaran-Negara, tulang punggung kerasa patah, tangan kesemutan. Ternyata jauh lebih nikmat kalo pulang kampung itu bawa mobil, ada AC, ada musik, ada kursi yang empuk. Kalo lagi pengen ngemil pun ada yang nyuapin.

Jadi bulan september kemarin, dengan berat hati si Tinja mesti diganti dengan matic. Kebetulan ada yg nawar tukar tambah dengan ADV yg juga belum setahun dipake, sama-sama baru 5000an KM. Ya jadilah si ADV ini yang sekarang nganter ngirim barang tiap hari.

ADV hitam

Hari ke-2 motor ini dirumah, langsung kita test drive ke Kintamani. Disana kita beli kopi doank, abis itu singgah ke rumah temen yang kebetulan dekat situ, dan langsung pulang. Ga bikin pegel ternyata. Apalagi kali ini bisa gantian bawa sama bini. Konsumsi bahan bakar juga hemat, tembus 40km/liter. Lumayan di masa covid kaya gini.