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Ada yang bilang “semuanya akan mati matic pada akhirnya”. Bener aja, sekarang tuntutan transportasi sehari-hari ga bisa mengandalkan sport bike yang bahkan ga bisa dipake beli nasi bungkus di warung depan. Sempet kita coba pulang kampung naik ni motor untuk yang pertama kalinya, dan waktu itu kita pulang pergi Jimbaran-Negara, tulang punggung kerasa patah, tangan […]

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We celebrated our anniversary a little bit early this year in Singapore.

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just sit and relax.. we don’t have to think about tomorrow today.. . This picture was shot in Sukasada Water Palace in Karangasem. Book your next room/hotel ranging from the cheapest price to most luxurious while traveling in Bali, click “Learn More” or follow the link below to see how. Complete list of hotel and […]

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Nowadays, Travelling made cheap by technological advancement. All the accommodation providers is battling each other offering cheapest deal in transport and room deals. Same here in Bali, you can find the cheapest room that costs only $10 to luxury suite which can cost you a fortune.

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We got the chance to visit the biggest Mural art in the world, Mural Etnias de Kobra. And right after that, we went to Corcovado to see Jesus (Cristo redentor/ Christ The Redeemer).

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It’s been a while since the last time I updated this blog. I’ve been so busy with my job here. 3 Months vacation passed just like that.. poof… I just came back from the Hot Caribbean air in Florida to freezing Alaskan breeze in Seattle. I’ve been here for a while now, last year (2013) […]

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