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Today is a very tiring day. I got no breakfast and lunch schedule in the dining room, but in the marshalling area instead, for heavy loading. We load frozen foods onto the ship for next couple of days stock.

After freezing and exhausting job, I definitely need a good rest before rumbling with thousand of guests in formal night in the main dining room.

Unfortunately some of my colleagues came in to my room when I was sleeping, they made a noise.

They came in because my other friend in the other cabin complained to them for the same reason, making noise and smoking in the cabin. And they had a mouth fight out there.

I was thinking if they come in again to my cabin and become annoying, I will complain too. And yes, they cqme in, make some noise, but I remained silent on my bed. My roommate warned them not to be noisy, but they just take it for granted.

So there was me, laying on my bed with a bunch of emotions. I can’t get into a fight that can lead me to dismissal, so without saying anithing, I hit the metal wall of my cabin, fortunately they understood what i meant, so they went away. If they didn’t understand, they might feel sorry for the dismissal, including me.

But still, after they went away, I can’t take a nap again, I just can’t sleep after the adrenalin rush into my head. So I spent my time writing this post..

Ups, it’s time to prepare for dinner duty..

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