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Today is a very tiring day. I got no breakfast and lunch schedule in the dining room, but in the marshalling area instead, for heavy loading. We load frozen foods onto the ship for next couple of days stock. After freezing and exhausting job, I definitely need a good rest before rumbling with thousand of […]

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Team work is esential for almost all of companies around the world. In hotelier industry, everyone must work as team, even one department must work with another department to build a strong hotel or restaurant. Worst Team: group of people with different objectives, different perspectives, different ideas, different working spirit, different culture/brotherhood. I made the […]

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Tidak ku sangka hari ini adalah hari sabtu, berarti sekarang malam minggu. Ah, aku memang payah dari dulu, tidak pernah ingat kalau lagi malam minggu. Mungkin karena sudah tidak lagi menopang wajah ngantuk di meja SMA, atau karena sudah tidak pernah memperhatikan dosen dengan terpaan angin dari AC yang membuat ngantuk juga. Setiap hari sudah […]

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I’m such a total jerk lately. oh… I’m so fucked up, I’m jobless, and nearly homeless.. Fortunately I got enough money in my bank account to support my fucking life for next 15 days, coz it is impossible to beg something from my fams since I’m a jobless motherfucker. So I’m counting on my own […]

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