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There are several changes in my daily life starting this week, it’s kinda big change, so I think I should adapt to it.

The first thing is “connection” matter. Since Italian operator (Vodafone IT, TIM, and WIND) isn’t XL axiata’s partner, so in this 6 months, whenever I’m in Italy, I can’t use my XL card 🙁

That’s why I bought a local operator SIM card from WIND for €25. The lady who sold it to me said that I should activate the card after 5PM in order to ensure that the card is successfuly registered, but the thing was, my ship left Italy at 3PM. So untill now, I can’t tell whether the card is functioning or not.

But luckily every time we are at sea, I mean international sea, I can use my XL card.

The second thing is, starting next cruise, voyage 76, the new Dinning Room Manager will be officially in charge. I don’t know what his full name is, so I’ll keep it as secret until I find it out. He will replace our beloved DRM, Mr. Neil Lacerda.

The third thing is about my Xperia Arc S. I updated the OS to android ICS. It’s more awesome. And it’s become more awesome after I bought folding portable keyboard. So now I feel like blogging from my own PC with xperia connected to keyboard and LCD TV via HDMI port in my cabin. Actually I should buy multimedia keyboard with built in touchpad instead of this rubber-based keyboard.

Oh, today we visited Catania, Italy. And tomorrow we will be at sea for the whole day heading to Navplion, Greece.

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