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Yesterday I worked at two different restaurant, Manhattan Dinning Room (breakfast) and The Lido Restaurant (lunch). And in the evening, something unusual happened, I was transfered to Lido while working in the dining room. The manager said Lido need our assistance, more over only few guest came to dinning room yesterday.

So I took that great opportunity. Because that was the only chance to have a direct communication with the guests. To improve my English, to increase our rating, to increase guest satisfaction.

When I was clearing up my section, one old lady asked me many things. Her name is Miss B. Every time i came to her table, she always asks me different question.

She asked me how long i’ve been working here, asked me whether I’m married or not, asked when I can go ashore. And she gave me many advises like a mother to her son. And yes, she said so, “I’m telling you this like your mother, and now you have a lot of new mother on this ship” so as my commitment to do the extra miles, I should take care of them.

The advises that I can remember are stay safe, don’t be naughty, and keep that good smile.. Uuuuhh.. I’m flattered when she said she liked my smile. ^,^

Oh, today the ship is in Spain, Cadis is the name of the city if i’m not mistaken.

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