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The picture taken just before Yamaha’s event started in June 11 2011

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I’m currently working a new project from 2 weeks ago. It hasn’t finished yet because I don’t have much time to code lately. The name is BKOL, stand for “Bursa Kerja OnLine”, ordered by a friend of my last client. They told her (their friend) that I helped them to work on their project, so […]

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Few days in Denpasar, trying to apply for a cruise job, far away from her.. wew.. Those were the dumbest things I’ve done lately.. And it’s getting worst by the new plan: joining Exclusive Culinary Class for 3 months, or at least until I get the Job letter from a cruise line company. Exclusive Culinary […]

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Interested in acquiring We offer you a chance to acquire, that means the domain name and the main script including the database, and also the Facebook apps. The website has a good traffic so far. Since November 2010, it’s starts serving thousands of android apps and games for download. Even with a minimum […]

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I have 20 days left to enjoy my life (and love) in Singaraja. My boarding house will “expire” on April 20th, and I don’t think I can extend it, because I’m out of money…. I wish I could get the “STNK” for my vixion soon, so that I could go to Denpasar right after April […]

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Why would I lie to girl? Why would I pretend to them that I’m a romantic guy? No use! I am who I was. I’m not romantic since the first time I date a girl. If you see my posts in this blog, you may say that I’m a very romantic guy. But you’re wrong. […]

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