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I have 20 days left to enjoy my life (and love) in Singaraja. My boarding house will “expire” on April 20th, and I don’t think I can extend it, because I’m out of money….

I wish I could get the “STNK” for my vixion soon, so that I could go to Denpasar right after April 20th and apply for a position in a cruise..

Oh, by the way, I’m going to sell my website,, it has a good traffic, thousands members, and… easy to maintenance. Actually, I will sell the script only (the exact copy of live version n also the latest database), but if you insist to buy the domain name ( too, that will be different.

Why do I wanna sell the site? Because  starting from next month, I will have no time to check the site n do the maintenance.. So, I will give it to someone who is interested in website, online business, or android.

so.. gimme the price!

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6 thoughts on “count down

  1. hai all add lala ea di fb n my nope…..lala gds bru di internet mw cr co yg suka ngesex……berapa z bayaran nya gpp yg puasss……..
    save ya…..

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