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Interested in acquiring

We offer you a chance to acquire, that means the domain name and the main script including the database, and also the Facebook apps.

The website has a good traffic so far. Since November 2010, it’s starts serving thousands of android apps and games for download. Even with a minimum promotion (I only promote it on on December 2010 and on my blog), the site delivers approximately 13,721 pageviews/month, 3,004 unique visit/month, and 5.04 pages/visit (based on monthly Google analytics report on 31 March 2011).

The statistic from Facebook Insight said, 1,730 lifetime installed users (per 28/3/2011) from 19 countries over the world, 516 monthly active users (2/27/2001-3/28/2011), 344 new install (2/27/2001-3/28/2011).

Statistic from said 611 clicks delivered for 87 links posted this week, that means 7 clicks per post in average. And total for this month (March 2011) is 2,990 clicks for 357 post (links) which means 8.4 clicks/post. wow…

This small site is potential if I optimize the promotion, but, I don’t have much time for that. That’s why I use automatic promotion method. Every member downloaded an APK, the website will automatically pings Pingomatic, Feedsburner, and other pings services. And every there are new APK’s added to database, the site will send the list of it to my Twitter and my Facebook account, so my thousands friends on Facebook could find it.

How if you keep promoting the website via other advertising media? you can monetize the site even better than me.. 🙂

The script features:

  • RSS Feed generator (
  • Automatic sitemap generator ( in cron job)
  • Automatic APK list builder (but I turned it off to save my resource)
  • Automatic ping to many ping services
  • clean URL for easy sharing
  • Use Facebook connect for registration
  • Mobile Version available using jQuery Mobile interface
  • Simple but complete admin interface
  • Ajaxed comment
  • Facebook Apps
  • SEO friendly (lot of traffic from search engine and referral)
  • AdSense optimized ads placement
  • and many more if you have better ideas than me 🙂

Interested? So contact me and offer me your best “number”, because I’m not giving u price..

Note: you can ask me the reason why I sell this site via email.

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