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Few days in Denpasar, trying to apply for a cruise job, far away from her.. wew.. Those were the dumbest things I’ve done lately.. And it’s getting worst by the new plan: joining Exclusive Culinary Class for 3 months, or at least until I get the Job letter from a cruise line company.

Exclusive Culinary Class? That means I will be a cook (comiss 3, 2, or even 1) in the cruise. But, actually my basic is in F&B Service, like Waiter, Buffet Boy, or Cafe Attendant. Is it going well in the cruise? well I’m not sure about it.

commis job in kitchen

My uncle who works in Carnival Cruise Line (as Stateroom Attendant/Housekeeping) and my cousin who works in Royal Caribbean (was a cook, but now works as an Asst. Waiter) told me that this is the chance for me to go on board the cruise. So I have to take the job as a commis first, and then after one of two contracts, I could apply for a position in F&B Service as I planned before.

Well, this is a tough decision to make. ah

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