what is my ip?

Sometimes you need to know what your external IP (internet protocol) address is. Whether just to know or a part of maintenance. Well, I need it sometimes to check whether I’m being blocked by any website or not. I made a list of how to check our external IP address, check it out!

1. Google Search

The simplest way to check your IP is by doing a Google Search with this keywords : “what is my IP”.

Google will give you your IP address like this: Your public IP address is

Since most of the latest browser available has the ability to do search operation using search bar, or even searching right from the address bar, it will be so easy for you.

2. Web Service

If you don’t have much time to type the phrase “what is my IP”, you might want to bookmark one of the websites below and put it on your bookmark toolbar, so all you have to do is to click the bookmark and wait till the page loaded.

  • www.whatismyip.com
  • www.whatismyipaddress.com
  • www.whatsmyip.org
  • www.ip-address.org

and lot more websites out there with same functionality. What a waste -__-"

3. PHP code

Or if you’re sick of useless page contents of those websites and only need to know your IP address real quick, you may code your own PHP script and put it on your website. Here’s the code:

if (!empty($_SERVER[‘HTTP_CLIENT_IP’]))   //check ip from share internet
    elseif (!empty($_SERVER[‘HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR’]))   //to check ip is pass from proxy
echo $ip;

Copy the code above, paste it on notepad, and then save it as a .php file (eg. myip.php) and upload it to your web server, so you can access it like this: www.yourwebsite.com/myip.php .

One example of the live site that will give you only your IP address is : http://www.whatismyip.org.

New Project: Expert System

I got new client who needs my help to convert his proposal to a real web application. It will uses Expert System algorithm.

tipsAn expert system is software that uses a knowledge base of human expertise for problem solving, or to clarify uncertainties where normally one or more human experts would need to be consulted.  – Wikipedia

This is the most annoying thing, I “have to use an existing algorithm” to build this project, or at least my own algorithm in which the result MUST be similar. It made me decided to increase the price. Higher price than before..

Hemmm… bosen

Oh, by the way, this is the 3rd TA (Tugas Akhir) project I accepted. Normally, I shouldn’t accept those projects because they (my clients) studied for it (it refers to programming) for at least 4 years in their campus. And me? Only 3 years of weekly Pascal Programming training when I joined IT Club in Smansa Singaraja (and I didn’t apply for any IT major in any university, my shame).

The online demo is here: es.andiim3.com

Help Desk Software

Do you own a company which need a help desk functionality? Then you should check this software. It will help you to save the cost handling the customer’s complain, support, etc. The name is HESK. It’s well known as a free help desk software out there.

HESK is a free Help Desk Software written in PHP/MySQL.  It has all the features the big and expensive help desks have, but it’s user-friendly, lightweight and free.  It allows you to setup a web based ticket support system (helpdesk) for your website. Once the Help Desk Software is installed your customers will be able to submit support tickets and staff will have an easy-to-use web interface to manage customer support requests.

HESK.com also offers a remotely hosted help desk script for a small monthly fee. So instead of installing Help Desk on your own server, they will host it for you remotely.

Here’s the key features: Read More

andiim3 API

This API is still in beta version. Our API uses JSON data interface for transaction.

Tips: You can view the page source for a simple yet complete working code. Open http://andiim3.com/api, then right click and choose “view page source” from your PC browser.

API Usage

Browsing And Searching APK
API URL: http://andiim3.com/api/api.php?tipe=result&s=&perpage=10&page=1

tipe = result // result = to browse the apk
s = "search keywords"  // s could be any word or phrase to search in database
perpage = 10 // limit the result shown per page, it should be any integer bigger than "0"
page = 1 // return the other page if the number of search result divided by perpage is greater than 1, it should be any integer bigger than "0"

The Total of Search Result
API URL: http://andiim3.com/api/api.php?tipe=result&totalapk=yes&s=s

s = search keywords  //  could be any word or phrase to search in database
The output will be an integer.

Tips: It will be easier to fetch the total via ajax function.


APK Details And download link
: http://andiim3.com/api/api.php?tipe=detail&i=1234

tipe = detail  // this is to fetch the details including the download link
i = APK ID  // integer ID number of the APK

Tips: It will be easier to fetch it via ajax function. Or you may use <iframe> tag in your HTML.

On Going Project: BKOL

I’m currently working a new project from 2 weeks ago. It hasn’t finished yet because I don’t have much time to code lately. The name is BKOL, stand for “Bursa Kerja OnLine”, ordered by a friend of my last client. They told her (their friend) that I helped them to work on their project, so she interested in my skill and asked me to complete her project.

The script is a web application where user can register as User or Publisher. Publisher is a kind of user who can post vacant position in their company and User is the one who is seeking for a job and can browse available jobs based on their criteria.


The thing made the script special for me is that the script uses Gammu. It means one of the feature is SMS center. So people can register to the site by sending an SMS. That’s cool! User can get information of available job vacancies thru SMS.

The script is 40% finished now. Need much more ideas to develop the script. And it will take much times since She has to consult the project with her Lecturer about the development.