Room Finder Indonesia is repurposed

Starting in June 2020, our website is repurposed into a different kind of website. This is due to the trend changes over the couple few years.

Long gone the days where people download APK’s for android from the black market, that’s why the stats showing a decline in visitor for So we moved it to a new place at

Now the homepage is dedicated for Room Finder Indonesia, a hotel/villa finder for a traveller or backpacker in the budget. It has thousands of room across Indonesia, especially in Bali.

Visit Room Finder Indonesia now, and get a huge discount in villa or hotel rooms if you book it thru our website.

Hotel data is provided by our partner, the price is updated regularly.

Penjelasan NO atau NC

Berhubung sering melakukan projek DIY elektronik di rumah (pada mobil atau yg lainnya), jadi ga ada salahnya ngebahas sedikit tentang saklar..

Ada 2 tipe saklar yg umum digunakan, yaitu:

1. Self Locking (Push Switch)
Jika ditekan, tombol akan terkunci di dalam dan akan tetap di dalam walaupun jari sudah dilepas. Untuk mengeluarkannya, tekan sekali lagi.

2. Momentary / Horn (Push On)

Push Button

Jika ditekan, tombol masuk ke dalam, bila jari dilepas tombol akan keluar sendiri (mirip tombol bel / klakson). Juga bisa dibagi jadi:

a. NO (Normally Open)
pendeknya: dipencet on, dilepas off

b. NC (Normally Close)
intinya: dipencet off, dilepas on

Diagram NO/NC

mau penjelasan yg panjang? baca ini: SWITCH.

Bisa menambahkan?

LED Foglamp on SX4

So today I plugged the new LED foglamp (which can be switched to strobo by fast-double-pressing the switch).

The process should be very simple, just open the front bumper, disconnect negative current from the battery to prevent airbag from deployment, disconnect respected wiring, replace the bulb with LED, and redo all the steps in reverse.

But in reality, the new LED has different polarity in the circuit, so I had to change the wiring to get it right. By doing so, I wasted another 15 minutes of labor.

LED Foglamp SX4

Jadi ceritanya abis beli Lampu LED (bisa fungsi strobo juga) buat foglamp SX4. Order online lewat salah satu situs jual beli di indonesia. Tapi sayangnya salah satu lampu nya patah, maksudnya lem housingnya lepas seperti yg bisa dilihat di foto. Jadi belum bisa dipasang dulu.

Besok lem nya bakal kering dan siap dipasang.. tinggal bongkar bemper depan besok siang..

Let’s see how it gonna be.. stay tuned!

I Take It Down

Some important elements in just can not work well without some big changes in the core system. It needs to be fully updated, from database structures to the API framework. It has to match the developments that have been done by Google Play and some of the android repositories. And to make it happened, I will need several days of my "silence-coding-day", which means i need to concentrate my attention to the project for the day. And also, it can only be happened in December.. Why?

site down

I planned that the site will up again next Christmas. Why?