3 Reasons Your Guy Checks Out Other Women (And How To Deal)

Should you yell at your guy for looking? According to science … he can’t help it.

Women (and men), listen up! This is a true story:

As Louann Brizendine, M.D., author of The Male Brain explains it, just as cavemen sought out multiple mating partners so they could produce as many offspring as possible, the brain of the modern-day male (even a happily hitched one) is more or less programmed to always be on the lookout for a fertile mate.

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Facebook Timeline

I created a new WordPress theme inspired by the Facebook Timeline. Maybe not as perfect as we thought, but good enough for me.

Facebook Timeline

Download here : Version 1.3

Version Description:

The design has been fixed to match the Facebook Timeline, it has two sidebars.

Changelog :
Added : automated content loader at the bottom of the pages. It uses ajax.
Changed : Few design tweaks to make it more similar to Fb’s design.
Fixed : Some javascript errors

To Do :
Theme Option to change the cover and profile picture, to choose pages to display on top navigation, etc.

I will need more time to do the To Do list, maybe it will be completed next year 😀 hahaha.. Well you know, I’m busy lately..


After having a brief conversation with my fellas, I decided not to continue developing this theme. Therefore, don’t use this theme if you already downloaded it, please.

ga jadi
Ga jadi deh

My Workout Progress

I’ve been working out since the first month in college, that was July 2009. My dearest best friend, Darsana, encourage me to join him working out at Master Gym (Teuku Umar Barat – Denpasar).

Well, after three month working out, my body shape began to show up. Big time!
My body after 3 months working out
Not satisfied with the result, I continued hitting the gym almost every day, with L-Men before and after working out. Occasionally, I consumed Amino to fasten the recovery.

But it won’t last long. After the first semester, I began to lost my spare time. I became too busy to hit the gym. My weight was 58 Kg, that was the heaviest me I ever known. But now, my body only worth 54 Kg of shame. I lost my six pack.  ;-(

Not only loosing my weight and six packed abs, i lost my dignity.. lari
Just take a look at my before-after documentation bellow.. Read More