got a new phone: Xiaomi Mi4

Never thought that I’d be choosing mi4 on top of Samung and Sony’s flagship. I still remember that I owned Sony Xperia Arc S which was Sony’s flagship back in 2011, and then replace it with iPhone 5 in 2013, and replace the iPhone shortly after 2 weeks with Samsung Galaxy S4 which was also the flagship, and never replace it again until now. Samsung S4 is still the best overall phone for me, I will never replace it if hasn’t been accidentally fell of the car and cracked the screen so bad.

It is almost been a week since I got this phone delivered from one of online shops in Indonesia. I paid it for Rp.4.499.000 (USD 344)after discount.

I was so interested because xiaomi mi4 has it all the specs for under $400. Moreover it was still in discount with 0% interest for credit card holder.

Right after the payment was made, I made another spending for a cool hardcase and tempered glass screen protector for mi4 so that the accident won’t happen again.

Click here for detailed specification and review.

Dijual: Bose Soundlink Mini

Akhirnya, Bose Soundlink Mini original yg baru beberapa bulan menemani hari2 travelling sudah harus dijual. Karena sudah jarang dipakai, mending diuangkan aja. Padahal kalau dilihat, sayang juga, suaranya bagus banget, jernih dan ngebass untuk ukuran portable speaker yg kecil.

Barangnya masih fullset, semua kelengkapan ada.. Setelah beriklan di beberapa media sosial, rencananya besok ada yg ambil 2Jt, COD Kuta, kalo ga jadi, mungkin jadi 1,9Jt COD singaraja. let see who’s the next lucky guy.


Kacamata Baru

Setelah seharian nongkrong di salah satu bengkel ternama di Denpasar, akhirnya sexy4 dapet kacamata baru..

Sebenernya cuma ganti kaca mika nya aja karena yg kemarin dipasang udah burem dimakan usia (dan udah sempet di-smoke). Jadi sekarang kaca matanya udah makin bening.. ready to light up the road..



New Battery

Finally, after few times doing push start to my car, then I decided to replace my battery. Bought NGS Volcano for Rp. 860k after discount and for old battery recycle. It is a maintenance free battery, but still it needs regular check up.

Since the battery is now so healthy, i think it was the right moment to install unused LED strips under the hood (I got some LED strips installed inside the car as well). So yesterday I installed them. It took me under 1 hour to install in my garage, because the hardest part was to open the front bumper.

I installed the wiring parallel with the foglamp (read this), so it will shine together.


LED Foglamp on SX4

So today I plugged the new LED foglamp (which can be switched to strobo by fast-double-pressing the switch).

The process should be very simple, just open the front bumper, disconnect negative current from the battery to prevent airbag from deployment, disconnect respected wiring, replace the bulb with LED, and redo all the steps in reverse.

But in reality, the new LED has different polarity in the circuit, so I had to change the wiring to get it right. By doing so, I wasted another 15 minutes of labor.