Kacamata Baru

Setelah seharian nongkrong di salah satu bengkel ternama di Denpasar, akhirnya sexy4 dapet kacamata baru..

Sebenernya cuma ganti kaca mika nya aja karena yg kemarin dipasang udah burem dimakan usia (dan udah sempet di-smoke). Jadi sekarang kaca matanya udah makin bening.. ready to light up the road..



New Battery

Finally, after few times doing push start to my car, then I decided to replace my battery. Bought NGS Volcano for Rp. 860k after discount and for old battery recycle. It is a maintenance free battery, but still it needs regular check up.

Since the battery is now so healthy, i think it was the right moment to install unused LED strips under the hood (I got some LED strips installed inside the car as well). So yesterday I installed them. It took me under 1 hour to install in my garage, because the hardest part was to open the front bumper.

I installed the wiring parallel with the foglamp (read this), so it will shine together.


3 Reasons Your Guy Checks Out Other Women (And How To Deal)

Should you yell at your guy for looking? According to science … he can’t help it.

Women (and men), listen up! This is a true story:

As Louann Brizendine, M.D., author of The Male Brain explains it, just as cavemen sought out multiple mating partners so they could produce as many offspring as possible, the brain of the modern-day male (even a happily hitched one) is more or less programmed to always be on the lookout for a fertile mate.

Read full article here

Wuff in Peace

I just cant believe it. She was just a kid, just few months old..

It happened just in second, after got hit by a motorbike just outside my house, she ran into the house, I came hopping that she would be okay. But then, I saw blood in her mouth. She was dying in pain. She barely walked to her favorite place near the trees behind the gate, there she threw up her blood (and poop).

I was gonna call a vet, but dad said that Jothi will not gonna make it. She lived only for another 30 minutes, we were there for her. I saw her tears for the first time, and she cried for the second times. I couldn’t hold my tears as I went into my room. I couldn’t face the fact that she would die so young.

Rest in peace, Jothi. You’ll be in a better place.