Just came back to Bali

I went to Jakarta last Friday to have a job interview in SBI Jakarta which is located on 16th floor of Menara Sudirman.

I went there with my uncle, he recommended me to apply there as an ASL.

After having a short interview in SBI, the next 3days (30 may) I went to Ms. Niuew Jakarta in Cikarang to have 3 more tests. Fortunately I passed the test with a good result. From 6 applicants that were having test that day, only 2 persons passed the test.

In 31May I went back to SBI to report my test result and take a medical check schedule which will be conducted in 8June. Oh by the way, I have my Crew ID already. ヽ(´▽`) ノ

In 7June, i will go back to Bekasi to stay. I hope the medical check will show that my body is in a fit condition, so I could have my class schedule soon.


Introducing Yourself

When you don’t introduce yourself everyday, it’s easy to forget the basic rules that can help your introduction go smoothly.

Many professionals specialize on technical subjects and find that they forget how to introduce themselves.

The following tips will help you when introducing yourself to new people, these tips can be used in meetings, presentations, and job interviews:

  • Smile. Generally we want to appear warm, confident, and friendly. The exceptions are situations where you don’t want to appear too easy going, for example: work involving investigations into banking fraud, law enforcement work, tax inspectors, auditing, etc.
  • Look people in the eyes when you introduce yourself and every now and again whilst introducing yourself. If you maintain eye contact for too long and too intensely you may appear strange.
  • In the western world (the U.S., Europe, U.K., Australia and New Zealand etc.) it is common to offer your hand for a handshake. This can be done in both formal and informal situations. In other parts of the world things are different. In some parts of Asia you may be expected to bow, this requires you to judge the correct degree of bow. Too little and you will appear rude, too much and you will appear peculiar. If you find yourself in these situations it’s best to apologize early and explain you are from America or England etc.
  • If the introduction is being made during drinks or where food is being consumed take care to eat and drink small amounts at a time so that you can quickly clear your mouth (by swallowing not spitting). Also avoid foods or drinks that stick to your teeth or turn your mouth a bright or strange color (e.g. red wine, carrot juice, beetroot, etc).
  • Try and avoid insulting or embarrassing the person you are meeting.
  • Carry a tissue in your pocket to absorb any sweat from your hands or forehead. Many people get sweaty or clammy when introducing themselves.
  • Be positive and professional about yourself and your business.
  • Try and encourage positive conversation rather than focusing on gloomy news and politics.

When you’re required to introduce yourself in job interviews

Introducing yourself in a job interview is sometimes required when Read More