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I went to Jakarta last Friday to have a job interview in SBI Jakarta which is located on 16th floor of Menara Sudirman.

I went there with my uncle, he recommended me to apply there as an ASL.

After having a short interview in SBI, the next 3days (30 may) I went to Ms. Niuew Jakarta in Cikarang to have 3 more tests. Fortunately I passed the test with a good result. From 6 applicants that were having test that day, only 2 persons passed the test.

In 31May I went back to SBI to report my test result and take a medical check schedule which will be conducted in 8June. Oh by the way, I have my Crew ID already. ヽ(´▽`) ノ

In 7June, i will go back to Bekasi to stay. I hope the medical check will show that my body is in a fit condition, so I could have my class schedule soon.


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