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Mesmerized of Bali’s views? Amazed to it’s culture? So you have to visit Bali whatever it takes.

No money? afraid of the big charge of accommodation? Expensive transportation?  or maybe you’ll afraid starving while in Bali?

Don’t worry… I’ll write an article on How To Visit Bali with a limited budget.. so, come back later.. I’ll prepare the article first Open-mouthed smile

So, don’t surprised if you won’t get luxurious and special treatment here, coz you don’t have the money, MONEY IS TALKING HERE, MAN!

Maybe you’ll be a backpacker, or a level above it..

Don’t worry, I will list some of cheap services and cheap restaurant for you.. I live in Bali, so I know how to survive with a limited budget here in Denpasar or Singaraja. I live my life with a limited budget too, I don’t even have my own house, no car either, only a motorbike. So you’ll need to learn how to drive a motor bike (manual or auto gearbox) first (the cheapest transportation in Bali).

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