After Holly Trip

Yesterday, all of 3rd grade students in smansa and some of teacher went to have a holly trip (tirta yatra) to 3 holly temple in Bali.


We went to Silayukti Temple first at Karangasem (Padang Bai village, near the port),  then to Goa Lawah Temple at Klungkung, then at last to the great Besakih Temple.

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My thunder, my money, my girl’s mobile

Tadi gue sempet utak-atik motor sebelum akhirnya tak cuci juga tu motor thunder 125cc kesayangan gue.

Yang gw ubah cuma kepalanya aja, yang waktu ni kepala ama reflektor ama lampu seinnya make pake dari kepala Honda Sonic, tapi sekarang udah jadi original lagi. Ternyata cahaya lampu-nya dahsyat banget, kaya lampu mobil.

Tadi gue sempet bikin rusak hape cewek gue, padahal dia ngasi tu hape ke gue buat jadi alarm besok pagi (besok gw tirta yatra). Tapi Fleksibel-nya rusak!!!! GW BANTING!! :-O Read More

I Was Sad (day 2)

This is day 2 for my sadness day.. It is started from yesterday..

im sad

I start to keep my last money, do you know what i eat for today? Just a bowl of fried noodle. So poor me..

Yesterday was Saturday night. There was a musical concert of BCL (Bunga Citra Lestari). But like usually, i never goes to see a concert. Its cloudy outside.

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I Was Sad (day 1)

I am upset right now im upset

yesterday, my mother told me that she didn’t have money for me to buy new mobile phone..

Oh poor me….

I lost my mobile phone for 2 weeks ago. Someone stole it from me when I’m in school.

Jadi sekarang gw lagi ngambek neeh…

actually, yesterday i wanted to go home to ask for some money (its about $150). That’s a large amount of money, i know it. But She have prepared the money from a week ago. Maybe she used it for another needs.

arghhhh….. I WANT MY NEW SE G502 MoBiLe PhOne!!!!!