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Yesterday was a long day to remake n pimp my another website.. (O)

otakbali.com is a web programming blog where I write my programming ideas (I) , n some of copied articles from some RSS I subscribed.

The whitespace on the template I used is good for ads. So I optimized the ads from adsense into several part of the page. Like sidebar widget, header and footer of the post where the visitor will see the ads.

I burn the feed too (H). I mean, I put ads inside the feed, check it out here..

Any other Idea to monetize this website? :-S

Oh, I minimize the number of widget to be shown to audience. As you can see, there are only few widget there.. And no “Recent Post” widget, but you can see the complete list of the articles in “Content” page.

Don’t forget to come by.. and,, ehemm,, click my ads :-$

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