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well, these few months of 2010, I started to feel tired, feel that i don’t have much time to blog, and blogwalking…

wew.. :-O i miss to blogwalking.. i miss some of my friend’s blogs,.

I will try to start blogging again, frequently.. thru my mobile, or PC if have much time 😉

The reasons of why i don’t blogging for few months are,

  • The Job training

Training as a waiter at BPC City Hotel Denpasar, 8 hours of work, and i ain’t got nothin’.. no salary, no lunch/dinner, no tip, nothing..

  • PHP Programming Freelance Job

as a young boy who live in a boarding house and got NOTHING from the job training, i have to find another job which i may live apart from my parent.. so, here I am, working as a Freelance Programmer,.

  • No -Good- internet Access

i have tried 2 kinds of modem, regular CDMA modem and EVDO modem,, but both of the modem was F*CK.. the speed was so @$%^!$%)!!, i don’t even have a word to express it.. 😀

well, see you on your own blog..

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