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Q : Retirement Day? What’s up?
A : Yes.. I will no longer be a freelance programmer starting next few days.

Q : What’s wrong?
A : Actually, there are several reasons…

Q : would you please tell me why..?
A : okay then, I’ll tell you why..

Q : So, why? You love programming since few years ago, right?
A : yes, I do love programming, but I have to leave this programming world for few years.

Q : well.. that’s not the answer…
A : ohhh… okay.. actually I’m sick of this job.. “Freelance Programmer”? WHAT THE F???

Q : wow… wow… calm down bro… Confused smile
A : sorry.. I’m out of control.. I’m feel stress….

Q : now, what happened to you?
A : well, the main reason is I have to focus on searching job on a cruise ship.. that is the main idea.. The second reason, I’m sick of this freelance job. You know, I don’t have any programming certificate, so I can’t give my clients reasonable price (for my work). The third reason is I’m sick of my clients… They were so……… Steaming mad 

Q : what do you mean? you got a lot of programming competition certificate!
A : but those aren’t web programming competition! You know what? every my client asked me about any payment, I answered “well, that’s up to you. I never give any number..”

Q : ah… that’s why you wanna stop being a programmer..
A : yupz.. But I can’t leave it now. There are several clients waiting for me to finish their project..

Q : ah, that’s so kind of you…
A : Yes.. I am Mr. Nice guy.. I will put off job after I finished all the deadline.. focusing on applying for a professional job onboard. So I can fix my economy..

Q : when exactly will you leave these freelance stuff?
A : maybe after 20 November 2010.. I’m very sure of it..

Q : So how about your sites and blogs?
A : I will leave them live. So I have such things called memory.. Oh, the blogs, I will update only. So my family and my friends could read it while I’m aboard the cruise ship.

Q : one more question.. Will you come back to programming after you work on cruise ship?
A : Well, maybe.. but not as a freelancer anymore… I’ll start a professional business.. Open-mouthed smile

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