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I just started exploring the free programs available for windows 7.

I newly found that there an application suit named Windows Live Essentials. Ah, so pity me..

So I installed the Windows Live mail and Windows Live writer, I don’t install the another programs since I don’t need them.

Well, the Windows Live mail is good, but I can’t find the place where I can set whether to download the headers only or including the contents.. it’s so annoying to download all of the content of the mail, it just killing my bandwidth..

About the Live writer, very nice.. It can detect my blog setting, and wow.. my blog theme just downloaded to my PC for previewing matter.. GREAT !!! Winking smile

I wonder how Live writer can insert some unusual emoticons to my blog.. I’ll test it.Just kidding

<img src=”http://www.cute-factor.com/images/smilies/onion/th_081_.gif”>

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