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I think this month is an unusual month for me as a programmer. :-S  why? Coz I got a deadline in coding lot of script just for one site.. It’s kinda a big relaunch..

I’m not gonna tell you what site I’m working with. Coz it’s a secret.. at least until the relaunch on Nov. 5th, that is 2 weeks from now. (O)
My client has a lot of ideas for her website. That’s why she ask me to code some new script and to convert a lot of script that i made for her before (in another website). That’s a lot stuff to do.

Ah, maybe you wanna see my works,, I got the demo site for you, here it is:

As you can see, that was :

  • facebook-style wall-posting system (using jQuery, ajax, php, and mySQL)
  • Information Popup
  • Side container, which gonna contain a chat-box in a frame
  • There was some admin controller links on the top of the page

And all of them made of PHP, mySQL, and jQuery library. jQuery save my life in this project, it save a lot of my times..

Different with my last projects, I use a lot of  jQuery function in these projects. even, i changed my desktop wallpaper with jQuery cheat sheet.. hahaha.. 😀

See my another project portfolio here :

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