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Oh my God.. :-O Some one is missing.. Her name is Putri Indrayani. Putri is one of my very best friend ever. We were friend since junior high school (SMP).

This is not a joke.

Putu Putri Indrayani
Putu Putri Indrayani

But when we’re at 10th grade of senior high school (Kelas X SMA), we lost contact. We have never seen each other since the last day we met at Renon (Denpasar) when celebrating the new year of 2007.

Both of us changed our mobile phone number. So can’t contact each other.

Now, she just graduated from SMAN 5 Denpasar (SMANELA Denpasar).

The last thing I remember about Putri is her birthday, 081916161091. Upz, that is my mobile phone number 5 years ago. Her birthday is 081916-16-10-91. Yes, 16 October 1991.

Another thing I know about Putri is she lived at Jalan Gunung Tangkuban Perahu, Padang Sambian, Denpasar Barat.

If you know a person like Putri, or if you know where she is, please tell me where I can find her.

Contact me by phone at +6285739493022 or email me at [email protected]

Thank you for your attention.

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23 thoughts on “missing person : Putu Putri Indrayani

  1. Mas, percaya atau tidak, saya melihat orang yang mirip dengan Putri di dekat sebuah hotel di kota Bandung. Hotel Sheraton 2 hari yang lalu.

  2. :nangis::nangis::nangis::nangis::nangis::nangis::nangis::nangis::nangis::nangis::nangis::nangis:
    moga2 cpt2 ktmu maz………
    dah cba tnya ke org pinter gitu????

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