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From the last 5 days (from 2 November 2009) until tomorrow (7 November 2009), I’ve been joining some interviews with my instructors. English interview, Italian, Germany, sanitation, restaurant practice, bar knowledge, menu knowledge, hotel and cruise knowledge, stewarding, and tomorrow is house-keeping knowledge.. such a busy week.. :-S

But, fortunately, I’ll got the interval recess next week (9-14 November), 😀 and I’m going to be at home at those 7 days.. while preparing for the Final Test for the next several days (starting from 16 until 21 of November), I’ll do some extra exercise at the gym to face the BST at Surabaya…

yupz.. Basic Safety Training, it’s kind a safety training from the Navy/Army, so we (as a ship crew) will can safe our soul from any dangerous activity or accident on board the cruise ship, and one of the test is swimming, 200 meters of water in the open sea.. what a challenge…  :-O

So that’s why it is impossible for me to keep this blog updated.. -_-“

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12 thoughts on “Interview, final recess, and final test

  1. Assalmu’alaikum maaf mas/kang saya baru bisa berkunjung kembali setelah sekian lama menghilang maklum sedang asyik menekuni bidang usaha yg baru sekali lagi mohon maaf.
    Belum bisa komentar hanya kunjungan malam saja alias ronda.
    Salam sukses n ay lap yu pulll :tob:

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