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I’ve got addicted man!!!!

Facebook ruined my day.. Everyday, every time I opened my browser (opera mini 4), the first page that I see is my mobile Facebook that never logged out for many days…

facebook logo

This is the first time I addicted with a social network like this. I have an account at Friendster, but it never make me satisfied. How it could be??

My friends that a member of Friendster has a lot of “friends” on their list. But i’ve got only 20-30.

But when I join facebook and concentrate in facebook, I’ve got hundreds of friend right now. Check it out at my Facebook Badge at right side of this blog..

By the way, I’ve found a free Facebook-like wordpress template. And I started to use it. I’m sure that it will save my site bandwith..

you can download it at this link : CryBook.zip (41kb)

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