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Two days ago, I’ve started to get disapointed with Freehostia, it said that my site cannot running up because maintenance problem.

So i decided to move my data to my old account at

Don’t know which one is the best, but I must move my hosting…..

And now the main problem is, i can’t upload my photos fast!!!

Telkom eZone sucks..

Maybe some one have blocked my access to my site (

Or they limited my conection  to the network…

But I only use the upload bandwith, not the download…

Its not fair…

And how about the price?? It’s makes my wallet death… Arrggghhhhhh…

Rp.2000/20 minutes  = Rp. 6000,-/hour …

While at another internet service it only cost Rp. 4000/hour, and for member its only Rp. 3000,-

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