Pengumuman – Announcement

Posted by mobile phone:
Mengingat jadwal perkuliahan di kampus, maka telah diambil sebuah keputusan.
Considering the lecture schedule in the campus, a decision has been decided.

Bahwa mulai hari ini, blog akan terus di-update.
Starting from today, this blog will keep updated frequently.

Tapi dalam format yang berbeda.
But in different format.

Blog ini akan diupdate lewat handphone.
This blog will updated trought mobile phone.

Jadi isi setiap posting akan sedikit, dan setiap gambar atau video akan dalam format attachment yang bisa anda download.
So each post will only has few words, and every picture or video related to the post will be attached, and you can download it.

Andi Setiawan

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