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Never thought that I’d be choosing mi4 on top of Samung and Sony’s flagship. I still remember that I owned Sony Xperia Arc S which was Sony’s flagship back in 2011, and then replace it with iPhone 5 in 2013, and replace the iPhone shortly after 2 weeks with Samsung Galaxy S4 which was also the flagship, and never replace it again until now. Samsung S4 is still the best overall phone for me, I will never replace it if hasn’t been accidentally fell of the car and cracked the screen so bad.

It is almost been a week since I got this phone delivered from one of online shops in Indonesia. I paid it for Rp.4.499.000 (USD 344)after discount.

I was so interested because xiaomi mi4 has it all the specs for under $400. Moreover it was still in discount with 0% interest for credit card holder.

Right after the payment was made, I made another spending for a cool hardcase and tempered glass screen protector for mi4 so that the accident won’t happen again.

Click here for detailed specification and review.

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