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It’s the 3rd week for me working here, every single day is hard work. From 11 hours of scheduled hours, my working hours can be more than that, or less if I’m in luck.

Day by day, my seniors gave me tips to work here, even the guest too. Most of them said “don’t work too hard” and “you still have 9 more months to work”.

It made me confused, what am i supposed to do?

Now I’m in the process of adjusting my daily life. I want to work hard as usual, but be smarter. Only do what the job description said, and maybe a little more “extra mile” if needed.

And I’m starting to insert another activities to have fun, like going to crew gym with friends, watching DVD’s provided by the HRO, go ashore every time i have a chance, attending crew events like crew party, crew show, praying, and another social activities.

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